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February’s Most Loved Organizational Tools

Round two of This Organized Home’s Organizational Best Buys of the Month, I have some unique products for life and home.

This month I drew on some of my own personal upgrades to organizational systems in my own home. I focused on simple upgrades that can be easily implemented for yourself and your family.

I hope these ideas will help everyone regain some New Year's Resolution inspiration going into March to keep on improving the organization in your own life.

Here are this month's best buys to tackle some of the disorganized spaces in your life!


I religiously buy a new planner every year to help schedule my busy life. If you have not tried one yet or maybe could not find one that you liked in the past now is the time to start looking into one to help keep you organized.

This year I upgraded my planner to the cult favorite Day Designer Daily Planner. I was looking for a larger planner this year that combines your daily schedule and to-do list on one page. The best feature for me is the daily page design with hourly scheduling that is quickly becoming my best time management tool to accurately plan my busy schedule. The planner itself comes with some additional features that are great for everyone including goal setting worksheets, annual overview, monthly calendars, and multiple bold cover choices to fit any aesthetic.

There are so many different choices for planners depending on your style, budget, and usage. Try some of these best loved planners to see what fits for you.

My personal recommendation for anyone who is starting their journey into organization would be investing in a label maker. With multiple options on the market, I am a fan of the P-touch PT-D210 for its user friendly and sleek design. I was gifted this particular model a few years ago and it is constantly being used.

I love that it can quickly print labels with multiple fonts, symbols, and templates to give your label game a boost. Another bonus is that you can easily order new label tape that comes in multiple colors to keep up with the newest labeling trends.

You can also try the DYMO LetraTag LT-100H. This hand held label maker offers multiple font sizes and styles. The smaller size makes it easy to take it on the go in the car or in your bag.

Anytime there is a change of season, I like to rotate the clothing and accessories in the closets in my home. I have found that not only does this save space in smaller closets, but also time in trying to get ready for the day or packing for a trip. Rotating out every season is also a great time to purge things that you no longer need or to form a list of pieces or accessories that might need for the upcoming season.

That being said, with an expanding family where we are constantly acquiring more goods, it can be a challenge to pack things away in a concise manner. Que the vacuum storage bags. These have been a lifesaver for me to quickly store blankets, comforters, clothes, and pillows at a fraction of their normal size. Not only does this save space, but it also helps to keep things fresh and protected with the double seal zipper. I love that these bags can work with any standard vacuum cleaner and that this one has a travel pump included for ease of use on the go. The bags come in multiple sizes to allow for any item to be stored safely long term.

Maybe it is the colder weather that has increased my need for comfy clothing over the past few months, but I have had an influx of knits and sweats with no place to put them. I was looking for a solution to the ever burgeoning clothing racks in my own closet when I came upon the solution with these acrylic shelf dividers.

I love the modern look of these dividers that help to maximize closet storage space to allow for stacking of bulkier items like sweaters and knits. Plus there is no need for any crazy installation, just slide the divider onto your shelf. These would also be great in a linen closet to keep blankets and linens neatly organized.

Another room in many homes where space is at a premium is the laundry room. For my own house, I was searching for a replacement for traveling laundry baskets since ours had been greatly loved and were in need of retirement. This time around I was looking for something that would be space saving and more durable.

These collapsable laundry baskets are so easy to use. They pop-up to open when in use and collapse flat when stored away. Plus they collapse into 3.5 inches which is a must for keeping the space in the laundry room functional. These are also so durable that they would be great for icing beverages or even washing your pets. A great idea would be to store this in the trunk of your car to allow for easily moving things into your house in one trip or even keeping the car clean when transporting messy items.

For anyone that has kids or a large work bag, a purse organizer is a must for you. I love using my tote bag as my everyday bag because it has the ability to store so much. But with great power comes great responsibility and my poor bag was not living up to its potential and turning into more of a blackhole. I needed to upgrade into something that would make my bag more organized.

I found this crowd favorite felt purse organizer that has so many amazing qualities including multiple pockets, a separate insert zipper wallet, and even a place to hang your keys so you are never digging around in your bag again. Everything is now neat and organized, plus the shape of your bag can be preserved and the interior can be protected from any spills or ink stains. This particular one comes in two sizes and in multiple colors. I also love that I can easily move the contents of one bag into another in seconds. It is great for travel or everyday use.

Most of us are not traveling at the present moment, but we can all dream of the day we will again. For anyone that is traveling for work or just a weekend away investing in some packing cubes is a great way to keep packing organized even when relaxing on your trip. I love these packing cubes that come in three sizes plus there are bonus bags for intimates, laundry, and additional items. Plus, these cubes help keep clothes separated and wrinkle free. These cubes are extremely durable and have double zippers to ensure that you can use them for a long time and they are extremely lightweight so they are perfect for traveling.

For anyone still on a health kick for the New Year, these glass storage containers are a must try for you. These ones have some unique features that make them a great option for anyone that is meal prepping or dieting. The containers have two divided compartments to make organizing your meals easy. Plus, they use snap leak-proof lids to make food last longer than normal plastic food storage containers.

Use them in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven without the lid. I like to utilize these for storing on the go snacks for the family to allow them to quickly grab something quick and healthy.

Another upgrade to my closet this month was this space saving design hanger stacker. I was previously storing my hangers in a small section of the closet that was not over stuffed. Not only is this not a great use of valuable closet space, but the hangers themselves would get easily tangled together. This hanger stacker can hold up to 60 hangers. Plus the design makes it easily accessible to store hangers that are not currently in use. Installation is a snap with the adhesive design so there is no need for power tools. This system would also be great in the laundry room.

My favorite laundry room upgrade this month has to be this rolling cart organizer. This modern slim storage cart has casters on the base to make it easy to pull out for use and store when finished. The design has three-tiered shelving to store multiple items with a handle to help easily pull it out. Plus, it is made from steel and wood to ensure durability in heavy usage spaces. I love to store my laundry essentials here to keep the space clean and organized. Plus the wooden top is a great accent to the space to give it a unique and modern design.

A similar option would be this WANDOFO 3-Tier Slim Storage Rolling Cart with Wheels. This rolling cart has similar qualities to the other one with the added bonus of hooks for easily hanging things. Both options could also be utilized in the kitchen for spices and oils or bathroom for cleaning supplies.


I hope you enjoyed my favorite organizational products for the month of February. Feel free to leave any of your favorite products for the month in the comments. I am always willing to try the newest things in organization. Can’t wait to catch up on our next blog!


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