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Top Essentials in Organizing for March

Here are This Organized Home’s Organizational Best Buys for the Month of March!

With Springtime approaching, I am excited for the warmer weather and more motivated to cook with greater frequency. As a result of spending this extra time in the kitchen, this month focuses on evaluating my own kitchen organizational systems to see what works and what could be improved.

Below are some of the newest products that I have tried out this month that I am really loving! These products definitely improved some of the systems I already had in place. I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration going into April to keep on improving the organization in your own life.


I have always been a fan of a turntable because they allow you to easily organize items in so many spaces in your life and home including your kitchen pantry, cabinets, bathroom, or hobby/craft room.

What I particularly love about this turntable is the detachable dividers that are included. Feel free to use the turntable without the dividers, or reconfigure them in many combinations in order to separate items by category. This clear container allows you to easily see items at a glance and it has the perfect side height to keep everything inside without the fear of falling out.

Below are some additional options that are similar to my favorite turntable. Try one out and see how easily you become addicted to the turntable craze.

I am a big fan of cooking with fresh herbs! With Spring time on the horizon, I was looking for storage solutions to prolong the life of my fresh herbs. I found these herb pods that can easily be stored in the fridge door. They have a great design with a hard shell to protect herb leaves from being crushed. Now, I can easily keep herbs like basil and cilantro and even vegetables like asparagus fresh for up to 3 weeks.

The process is so simple with washing and drying the items and then placing them into the pod with some fresh water through the tethered filler cap and refilling the water every 3 to 5 days. Not only does it save money, but the sleek look of the pods is also a nice touch to any organized refrigerator.

This month was a true elevation for my spices. Over the years, my essential spices have multiplied and I found myself outgrowing the two systems that I had in place. We upgraded to this tiered design slim profile spice organizer and moved my spices from a cabinet and countertop into a drawers. The slanted levels are amazing to quickly read the labels on spice bottles. It was so easy to install since its expandable design can easily fit into most cabinets for a custom fit.

I personally use this rack for my spices in the kitchen, but it could also be utilized throughout your home for storing and organizing cosmetics, office supplies, or even paint bottles in a crafting room. Another plus, this rack can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water which is essential for any kitchen item at This Organized Home.

Stop struggling with trying to get plastic wrap or aluminum foil out of the packages. I utilized these dispensers this month because they can conveniently store and dispenses aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper.

Plus, they are made from bamboo to give a beautiful look anytime I open the drawer. I could even pull them out and use them on my countertop. Plus, this container has dual compartments that are perfect for storing any of your favorite rolled wraps. Gone are those sad looking packages that always seem to give out on you. Say hello to beautifully organized wraps!

For anyone with little hands in their house, you will love this next product! Save some space in your fridge or cabinet with these universal food pouch holders. I love that you can easily peel and stick these in the fridge, pantry, or even cabinet doors.

Plus, when your children transition out of the food pouch stage, these holders are easily removed which allows you to regain space for something else. There is also the convenient slider storage option that would be great in cabinets, pantries, and fridges in order to utilize the vertical space that is often forgotten. Try these out today!

As we start moving into entertaining again or if you are into the buffet system with more meals at home, a silverware caddy is a great option to elevate your kitchen. I love this caddy that offers both white ceramic utensil holders and a black metal stand for convenient carrying and organization. Be prepared and allow meals to run smoother without guests having to ask where an extra spoon is located. Below are some other options that would work great and have a similar style.

I love all things coffee, tea, and espresso. As we continue running on in house brewing and steeping at our house, we have upgraded our coffee storage to these glass canister with natural acacia wood lids. Not only are they so beautiful to look at in the morning, but they also have a bamboo spoon to easily move coffee and espresso grounds. Plus, the wooden lids have a food grade silicone sealing ring to keep the container airtight so the grounds stay fresh.

We mainly use these canisters for coffee, but I think these canisters would also work great for storing other dry foods like tea, nuts, or even snacks. Whatever you store in them, get your hands on some today.

We needed to upgrade our shower system now that the youngest is able to reach soaps and shampoos. I wanted a system that was easy to install with our existing shower and one that would hold up to the dampness in the bathroom without rusting.

I found this 2 pack bathroom shelves system. In this, I can easily store shampoos, body washes, and shower accessories. Plus it has 8 hooks at the edge to store brushes, razors, and loofas. I also love that these shelves are designed to be hallow and ventilated so it keeps bathroom accessories dry since they are not sitting in a puddle.

This shelf is easy to install with 8 traceless adhesive hooks. It even comes with extra hooks included if you want to move it to another location and re-stick it. Just peel and stick and you have some beautiful, organized shelves up and ready for you. No drilling required!

Below are some additional options that are similar to the above shelving. Two are corner units and one is designed to sit on the floor of the shower. Check them all out and see what might work for you.

Another thing I wanted to upgrade with the shower shelves was the shower product bottles. We had so many different shaped and sized bottles in the shower that we ran out of room with the old system. This time around, I made sure that we upgraded to uniform bottles that could easily fit our bath products and our shelves with room to spare.

I personally love the look of the amber bottles in our shower, but I wanted to make sure that we used plastic instead of glass since we have small kids in our house. These pump bottles work great and have the exact look of expensive glass ones at a fraction of the cost and without the worry of glass breaking in the shower.

I also utilized these farmhouse labels to give everything a cohesive look. Now the shower is more organized and inviting and everyone can easily access their products.

Below are some additional options of bottles that would look beautiful in a bathroom if you wanted to give your shower products an update.

The last product this month that I love are these car headrest hooks. There is nothing worse that driving along and your purse or bag flying all over the car when you stop suddenly. I picked these hooks up to keep in the front seat as a place to store my handbag. Now I use them for pretty much everything that comes into my car.

I love to utilize them for grocery bags especially for items that are fragile to keep them safe or even my shopping bags to keep my newest items off the floor and still have space in the backseat. My friends love being able to hang their bags in the car and not feel restricted by their items taking up legroom.

Useful and durable, there hooks can hold up to 44 lbs. of weight! When attached, they lock in place to keep your items secure to keep your car organized all the time. Plus you can easily slide them on and off your headrests in seconds.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite organizational products for the month of March. Feel free to leave any of your favorite products for the month in the comments. I am always willing to try the newest things in organization.

Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.


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