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Top Essentials in Organizing for April: What Spring Products to Try Out Now


The yearly ritual of Spring cleaning has hit me hard at my own home. It seems that everywhere I look I just want to improve my organization systems inside and outside of my home. With that in mind, this month focuses on organizing some often forgotten areas of my house and even venturing beyond the walls into the garden.

Below are some of the newest products I have tried out this month that I am really loving! These products definitely improved some of the systems I already had in place. I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration going into May to keep on improving the organization in your own life.


Spring cleaning really kicked off with reorganizing the china cabinet. I find that I give this area a deep clean a few times a year, but with recent construction cleaning the inside was a must. Since creating an entertaining storage space in our home, I decided that I would like to utilize some of the shelves for decor rather than fine china and needed a place to store it.

I discovered this china storage set that is perfect for storage and moving your valuable china. This set is great for keeping your china protected and free from dust. The sturdy bottoms allow you to easily move your dinnerware. Plus the containers are stackable for easy storage which saves on valuable cabinet space.

These containers would also be great for anyone that is moving and looking for a mode of transportation to keep precious items safe during the transition.

Another upgrade to the basement storage was creating much needed space by condensing and purging old paint. These plastic storage canisters come in multiple sizes and are great for storing extra paint. Plus, these jars come with caps that have inner foam liners to ensure a reliable airtight and leak proof seal.

I went through all the old paint in the basement and saved the paint that was current in the house. Then, I easily decanted the left over paint into containers LABELED with paint name and corresponding product code, finish, and area of the house that it was utilized in. I have a Google Doc that I keep all of this information so that I can easily get paint for any project in a second.

Now I have some beautifully organized paint, but what to do with the paint you don't want?

Lucky for you latex paint can easily be disposed of by taking it to a recycling center or with cat litter. Add equal parts cat litter to the latex paint in the can. Stir the cat litter into the paint until it thickens and let sit for one hour. Remove the lid from the can, and throw the dried paint in the garbage can.

Oil-based paint is considered hazardous waste and must be taken to an appropriate disposal or drop-off center. Check with your local officials for information and instructions about where to dispose of paint safely.

Try these out for so many other storage options around the house and in your garage. You could even use them for storing everything from dry goods like cereal and pasta to art supplies like glitter and pencils.

Our console table also got an upgrade this month, but I ran into the issue of trying to store sunglasses in an organizer that is compact, but also keeps them protected. This sunglasses organizer was the perfect option with five divided compartments to help you keep eye wear neatly separated.

Another plus of this design is the stackability. The containers have recessed hinged lids to increase storage spaces in your closet or cabinet. These could easily be used in other areas of your house for storing items like first aid products, cosmetics, or even office supplies.

We had some office shuffling this month and with any move, there is an opportunity to purge and organize. Like many people, my husband loves to collect cables. What these cables are for we have no idea for the most part, but they end up in multiple spaces in his office in unrecognizable tangled bundles.

I utilized a storage keeper for smaller cords. These wire organizing bundling straps worked amazingly. They were great to secure large cords and bulky cables with self-fastening ties that will contain and store cords and wires quickly and safely. Plus, these fasteners can be easily reused and repositioned.

Try them out in other areas of your home indoor or outdoor for organizing drawers in tool chests or art storage for markers to keep things neat and tidy.

I am a huge fan of trying out all types of hangers and had to see what the all the hype for these rubberized hangers was. Like most hangers on the market, they have a full 360° swivel hook to easily access everything in your closet, but these have the added benefit of keeping garments firmly in place.

The rubberized design helps to eliminate the problem of clothing slipping off and falling to the floor. Plus, they have a sleek and modern ultra thin design to save space in your closet. Another bonus for me was the contoured shoulders that ensure your clothes will not crease and the rubber coating protects the garments from snags.

I personally loved that they are suitable for hanging every kind of clothing from delicate tops to heavier items like jeans and coats. This allows for the same hangers to be utilized in your closet and gives it a cohesive and more organized look.

Small kitchen spaces can be tricky, but with the right organizational products they can be made functional.⁣ Moving knives off the counter can increase the counter space for preparing food.

This in-drawer knife organizer can easily fit into the aesthetic of any kitchen. Plus, it is a great idea to keep knives out of reach of little kids by securing them in child proofed drawers. Easily install in seconds with a design to fit into most standard drawers. This is an instant wow for you and any visitors to your kitchen when preparing your most loved dishes.

Spring time means garden time for This Organized Home. Just like your home, organizing your outdoor space can make all the difference. This year I upgraded my plant markers to these banner copper metal plant labels. I love the contrast of the copper with the natural elements of foliage and soil. Plus the durable materials can be used for multiple seasons.

These easily insert into the soil and are simple to relocate around the garden if needed. You can use a weatherproof marking pen to hand label these or utilize a label maker to keep your garden and plants organized. This marking pen is my favorite for labeling items outdoors.

In addition to organizing my plants in the garden, I picked up this storage keeper for a DIY seed storage container. Check out the whole blog about it here. The keeper came in a two pack and I found myself trying to decide what to do with the other container.

There are so many options for a storage solution like this one. I love how multiple separate containers are stored in one large, easily portable solution. The in-molded handle provides comfortable, easy transport for the 16 separate case that have snap-tight closures keeping the contents secure.

This is the perfect solution to organize and protect photos, small craft items, and more. I used mine for seed storage and cord organization. What could you use yours for? The possibilities are almost endless.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite organizational products for the month of April. Feel free to leave any of your favorite products for the month in the comments. I am always willing to try the newest things in organization.

Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.


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