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Based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania THIS ORGANIZED HOME is a professional organization firm that guides individuals through the creation of beautifully organized spaces within their work and home. Arising from pure necessity, founder Jennifer Bastidas discovered her affinity for revamping traditional organization through contemporary interior design by styling her own home.


Every project at THIS ORGANIZED HOME  is rooted in functional systems that can be easily maintained long term with an emphasis on visually revolutionizing a space.

Our business services range from consulting to turn-key services. We offer personalized consultations with an easy to follow step-by-step guide to transforming your space into something both beautiful and functional. After our individualized meeting, THIS ORGANIZED HOME will curate an organizational system to fit any budget without sacrificing style.


We pride ourselves on continued communication with clients which allows for the modification of systems after they have been put into place.Whether you are currently looking at a basement full of boxes and have no idea where to start or, you would simply like to update your present system, THIS ORGANIZED HOME will help guide you through the creation of your new and ORGANIZED space.  


JENNIFER BASTIDAS is the founder and CEO of THIS ORGANIZED HOME. A graduate of Penn State with a BS in Developmental Biology and Genetics, which was a field in which her meticulous nature proved very useful. After college, she continued her career in medicine which required a level of attention to detail and honed her organizational skills even further. Between career and family, Jennifer started to organize homes.  As she witnessed the immediate change in her client’s lives, she realized that her combination of interior styling and organizational skill was making a real impact.


In 2019, Jennifer left medicine to pursue her passion for organizing and THIS ORGANIZED HOME was born. Since then, she has been opening peoples’ eyes to the beauty of her organizational designs. She currently resides in the Lehigh Valley and cannot wait to bring simple, yet serene style into your space. 


JILLIAN BASTIDAS is the Director of Marketing at THIS ORGANIZED HOME. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Biology, she has a resume filled with experience ranging from zoology to commercial baking. A jack of all trades, she has been able to hone her marketing experience through working with numerous business and non-profits. She has as attention to detail and design that is second to none and can be seen in her professional baking (Simply Desserts by Bean).


Between her numerous passions, she is an avid horticulturist and loves to incorporate ecological conscious elements into design spaces. She currently resides in the Lehigh Valley working towards her degree in Veterinary medicine and loves to be part of the team to help you tidy up your space. 

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