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How to Store Seeds: The Best Way to Keep Your Garden Organized

With Earth Day approaching this year, I wanted to devote some time to garden organization. I will be the first to admit that this year I went a little crazy with picking up some new seeds. Now is the time to take control over your seed collection.

There is just something so fun about deciding what to plant in your garden, but what do you do with all the left over seeds? What is the best way to store them? How long does a seed even last for? Well lucky for you I have the answers to all of those questions so that you can keep your seeds organized and ready to plant! This is your year to create that perfect garden and This Organized Home is here to HELP.


There are so many different methods to store seeds, but some storage can be messy and even ruin your seeds by allowing moisture in. Using a photo storage case is a simple solution that solves all these problems.

I personally love using these cases to organize many household items including power cords and puzzles; they work wonders in the garden.

Photo keeper boxes come in many different sizes, but this one is by far the best for perfectly fitting seed packets. I love the plastic design that can easily protect my seeds when in the garden or around water. Plus the case comes with 16 smaller cases (4” x6”) that fit into the easy to move handled tote.

You can easily put your seeds into the individual containers or take it up a notch and employ your handy label maker to clearly organize each case. Put a permanent marker into the case to make it simple to plant in one go.

Want to save your own seeds? Why not save them with these seed envelopes? Easily customize these with the type of seeds, planting information, and expiration date. These envelopes are perfect to re-home older seed packets especially those that are torn or damaged. If you want to spread the joy of gardening, send a personalized seed envelope home with a friend so they can start their own garden this year.

Storing seeds in the appropriate conditions is critical to keep them fresh for the next planting season. Be sure to store your seeds in a cool, dry, and dark place. Locations like a basement or garage depending on your climate would be a great spot.

Some people even refrigerate or freeze their seeds. I personally have never tried this option since I live in a climate where my seeds can be properly stored in my basement.


Next, when you open your seed packets use some scissors to cut the top portion of the package off. This will prevent seeds from spilling everywhere. Keep a spare small pair of scissors in your container so you are always prepared.

When you do open the seed packets, it is important to then fold down the top portion of the packet 2-3 times and fasten with a paper clip. Keep these on hand in your spare parts container so you have them when you need them. I prefer these paper clips because they are a lower profile than an alligator clip which allows you to fit more seed packets into your containers.

Once you are all set, put the separated containers back into the larger box. Now you are neat and organized and ready TO GO for next season!

Lucky for you, when you store seeds properly they can last for many, many years! This is a great way to save money on rebuying seeds. When you save this year, you can think about investing in something new to try next year. Most seeds last at least one year, but with the proper storage conditions, some seeds can lasts up to 5 years!

Make sure to write the expiration dates on the front of the seed packet so you can easily see it. Another thing I like to do is to make a list of seeds that are going to expire before the next planting season and put it into the front portion of a container so I can easily access it and know what to order or pick up the following year. Plus accurate labeling and inventory allows you to easily purge the seeds that will be expiring and create some more room in your seed storage container.

Another trick for ensuring your seeds sprout is to take into account how old your seeds are. Over time, the germination rate or the viability of sprouting seeds can drop. To combat this, be sure to plant extra seeds to ensure at least one will sprout.


I know I am always looking for a creative and personalized gift for the people I love most in my life. If you know a gardener or someone who is constantly planting their own seeds, this seed organizer would be a great gift idea for them!

Add in some of your favorite seed ideas to get them started with how the whole system works. Plus you can always gift unique seed packets for a stocking stuffer for the holiday season or a just a simple gesture of thanks for something thoughtful.

I hope this simple DIY project gets you into the Spring spirit and gives you a leg up on your own garden planting. Try it out and see how it is to keep and stay organized! Feel free to put your favorite seed organization ideas in the comments.

Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.


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