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Target's Top 20 under $20 Organizational Finds- Pantry Edition

I know I am not the only one who can appreciate a beautiful pantry. But often times, those perfect pantry spaces have organizational options that can break the bank. I figured that I would check out one of my favorite stores, Target, to look for affordable pantry organizational solutions to give you that amazing look for less.

Below are the Top 20 Pantry Products under $20 available at Target right now. I have also included some additional options for each item to fit your aesthetic. Enjoy!

7"W X 14.5"D X 4"H Plastic Kitchen Organizer - Made By Design

For anyone that has children, snack pouches can be a convenient snack for on the go. However, storage can be a challenge because of the pouches can easily fall over in pantries creating a mess. I love the clear design and height of these organizers which allow for easy grabbing. Below are some other options that would also work well for this type of storage.

Storing smaller items in a pantry can be a challenge. Ideally, a canister for snacks should be airtight to keep items fresh and visually pleasing. Below are two options that fit the bill and would look so enchanting sitting in your pantry.

Oggi 4 Piece Airtight Glass Canister Set with Clamp Lids and Silicone Gaskets

The glass design of this canister is great for easily seeing what is inside. Plus, the air-tight clamp lids and silicone gaskets will keep things fresh.

Honey-Can-Do Large Acacia and Glass Canister

This is another glass option available with the same airtight benefits. I love the look of this acacia wood top that would give a more earthy feel to your pantry. Plus the lid design makes it easy to open and offers something extra to give your pantry that custom feel.

Another trait of on the go items are individually packaged snack items. Although these bags, bars, and pouches can be so handy, they can also be a nightmare to store since they can easily slip off a shelf and onto the floor. These drawer bins are great for keeping things organized. I have an open option that is great for bulk items and a T-handle design that allows for quick reorganization while also dividing the bin to help keep items upright and separated. Depending on your pantry items, try one of them out.

Snacking items can come in so many different shapes and sizes. While some can be easily decanted into alternative storage solutions, others need to utilize an organizer that is designed to easily fit these items while still maintaining order and looking beautiful. Below are some of the best options for both types.

YouCopia ShelfBin Medium

This organizer is great for snacks that are being stored in their original packaging. This system provides a divided bin to store small items with two adjustable dividers to easily customize different-sized items. This item is one of my favorites because it has three tiers so you can see everything easily. Plus the handles make it simple to take the organizer out if needed. Check out some other options below for snack storage.

Any early morning snacker will appreciate a cereal container. I think these are essential for pantry storage because they keep cereal fresh as well as prevent messy spills. Be sure to try one out to give your pantry a put together look and save you time cleaning up a spill.

InterDesign Honey Can Do the Original Indispensable Dry Dispenser 17.5 oz

This cereal dispenser is so cute and unique to have in your pantry or even on your counter. It is designed for cereal dispensing, but could be utilized for so many different pantry items including rice or other dry foods. I also love that it helps with portion control. It dispenses approximately one ounce with each twist. Try out the more conventional cereal storage options below.

31oz Glass Large Stackable Jar with Plastic Lid - Made By Design

One of the best options for pasta and dried grain storage is the Made by Design line. They offer a wide range of different sized glass jars that can easily be stacked. Keep your items fresh with the air-tight seal and easily see when you are running low on one of your essentials. Below are some other options that are available at this price point that would be great for this type of storage.

Storing canned items is a must in any pantry. When looking for can storage, I find that the expandable options are the best to allow for the perfect amount of space for the diverse sizing of some items. I loved this YouCopia Shelfsteps Can Organizer. Not only does it have the expandable option, but it also has a three-tier display and non-slip shelves that work great for stacking your canned items.

Any baker will tell you that keeping flour fresh is essential. When searching at Target for the best flour keeper options, I was so pleased to find numerous options that could fit with any kitchen. I look for items that have a large opening to allow for easy scooping as well as something that can be displayed if your pantry space is limited and you would need to utilize your counter space. Whatever your pantry size, the options listed below are great.

Prepworks 4 qt Prokeeper Flour Container

The Flour Prokeeper is my personal favorite for flour storage because it has so many benefits including a hinged lid with a silicone seal for air-tight storage. My favorite portion of this item is the removable leveler to give your that perfect 1 cup every time. Plus it holds up to 5 lb. of flour and is dishwasher safe. Below are some other options that would look great in a pantry or on the countertop.

Prepworks Prokeeper Sugar Containers

For sugar storage, it is essential to use containers that have airtight storage. The Prepworks containers are the best ones at Target in this price point. I love that they are specifically designed for storage of sugars and are also dishwasher safe.

The general sugar storage container can hold up to a standard 4 lb. bag of sugar while the brown sugar container can hold up to a 2 lb. bag of brown sugar. I also find that the brown sugar container easily keeps brown sugar from drying out with the terra cotta disk that snaps into the lid. That disk will save you time and money.

Maintain an organized pantry or kitchen countertop with containers for baking storage. These are containers that can be used for a variety of food items and dry ingredients. When looking for these containers, I like to feature classic designs that fit well with any color scheme or kitchen decor. A must for these containers is a secure lid cover that helps to keep its contents fresh while still being easy to open and use. My favorite options right now are listed below.

Stoneware Food Storage Canisters- Threshold

The Theshold Collection has some amazing stoneware canisters currently that I love to utilize in panties for baking storage. The whole collection comes in multiple sizes to keep your baking section cohesive. Plus the canisters are made from sturdy stoneware with a wooden lid and seal to keep it protected from air allowing your baking supplies to remain fresh and flavorful. The below canisters are my favorites from the recent collection and can easily complement your pantry and kitchen. Check out the other options below for a more traditional look.

For tea storage in a pantry it is important to decide which storage option would work best for you.

If you prefer tea bags, then a tea bag organizer is the best bet for you. The below options give you a place to store different varieties of tea bags and arrange them systematically.

If you prefer loose tea, then an airtight canister is the way to go. The tea storage canisters options below offer you great storage options with multiple styles to fit into your pantry space or to be displayed on the counter. Below are options for both tea bags and loose tea.

Keep your coffee fresh in storage containers. One of the most important ways to keep coffee fresh is to protect it from humidity and light. Below are my favorite Target containers to keep finely ground coffee beans fresh, secure and stylishly stored.