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Perfectly Stocked Pantry Organization: Your Guide to Always Being Prepared

Any kitchen can look well kept with sparkling clean pristine countertops, but the true test of any kitchen is the caliber of food that is prepared, served, and eaten. That all starts in the pantry.

I love looking at gorgeous photos of well organized pantry spaces, but maintaining a truly functional and well equipped pantry can be one of the more challenging tasks. I know I am not the only one who has tried to make dinner with random ingredients as a substitute to much needed spice online. Now is the time to tackle stocking your pantry properly.

Be sure to keep an eye out for a future blog post on pantry organization products. I personally love to transfer items like flour and sugar into wide neck jars with airtight lids. These containers give a beautiful look to a pantry while also protecting your ingredients from pests leading to less waste. Great organization can save you and money!


The key to any successful pantry is that it is properly stocked with items organized into specific categories. This expedites the cooking process and eliminates the struggles of searching for a missing or misplaced ingredient.

Another benefit to properly storing items in a pantry is utilizing the space to the maximum! Often after organizing there is 'bonus space' that can be used for other items. See how easy it is to store extra cookware, trays, serving baskets, liquor, lightbulbs, and even a stepladder in your now organized pantry.

Below is my own master pantry list broken down into categories that make it easy for me to keep my kitchen ready to go year round. I have also added in some tips and tricks to keep your items fresh and properly stored.

Be sure to download The Complete List of a Well Stocked Pantry at the end of this blog for a simple to use checklist to keep your pantry organized all year round.


One of my favorite things to eat and a staple in my own home is bread. Over the years, I have curated the must have bread products in our own home to encompass items needed for snacking and cooking. Be sure to check out the storage tips below to make sure your bread products stay fresh longer.

I love a good system for storing breads. We have a bread box in our home that makes it easy to store breads and keeps them tasting amazing. Plus, there are so many pretty ones on the market that would fit into any style aesthetic. Whether you store it on the counter or in the pantry, try out some of these bread boxes that I love.


A classic pantry houses items that can be kept for longer periods of time. These non-perishable items are essential and have helped me out in a pinch when I did not have fresh produce available either because of the season or time constraints. Check out the below list for my must have items in the canned and bottled foods section.

The stock pile of canned and bottled items has definitely increased over the past year and I am constantly looking for the best storage solutions. Evaluate the constrains of your space. Do you need a system that stacks or do you have vertical space available that would be conducive to a sliding system? Initiating any of these systems will make it easier to find your items and you will not have to worry about any cans falling on you in the process. Below are some of great systems that could fit in various spaces.


Stocking a variety of condiments is important to have on hand for enhancing the flavor of a dish or to complement something you have already prepared. There are so many condiments to choose from, but I have compiled a list that should give you an edge on always having what is needed on hand.

I love the look of uniform condiments in a fridge or pantry. I like to use glass bottles that are easy to clean to give my fridge a more cohesive look. Make sure to add the expiration date to any bottle that you might be transferring.

Another way to get that organized look with original containers are with organizer bins. These are offered in so many sizes! You could also try this turntable for easy access to hard to reach space in the fridge. Both are great options to save space and look organized every time you open the door.


Another staple in most pantries is a pasta section. Having multiple varieties on hand will make it easy to whip up your favorite pasta dishes. Check out the below options for what pasta items to always have in your pantry.

When it comes to pasta storage, I like to make sure that I am using containers that will keep my pasta fresh. There are so many options on the market, but these three are great for various reasonings. I personally like that the white pop tops keep taller pastas fresh. Another similar option that is more rustic looking are the wooden top glass containers. The last option allows for easy stacking for pantries that might not have the space and these would be great to make every square inch count.


My pantry definitely needed an upgrade when it came to flour storage. Recently taking up a bread making hobby, the unique types of flour in my pantry have multiplied. Finding the perfect storage solutions for flour can be a challenge, but in the long run will keep your flour fresh.

Below are some great options that offer a large necked area to allow for easy scooping with measuring cups. I personally love the options that have a leveling feature to give you that perfect scoop every time. Here are some of the best airtight options to keep your flours fresh.


This section of the pantry is some of my most utilized products for dishes. I make sure to keep these items on hand to make a wide variety of dishes. Plus, they can really give your pantry that wow factor when they are displayed in uniform containers. Don't forget to add the instructions to the top of your containers when transferring from the original package.

Airtight containers are an absolute must for rice to keep it fresh. Below are some options that are sure to do the trick. I prefer to utilize containers that also have a wide neck to allow for easy scooping for precise measuring.


Nuts and dried fruits are great to have on hand for easy snacking or even to add something extra to a salad. An added bonus is that most of these items are mess free and easy to grab for the little ones.

The trick to keeping your nuts and dried fruits are the containers that you keep them in! Below are some great options that are easy to use and have the added benefit of looking classic. Add that extra edge to your display with some beautiful script on the side of the containers to keep everything organized.


Having multiple sugars and sweeteners available is great for not only cooking, but entertaining. I like to make sure I have options available to try alternative recipes for guests who may have dietary restrictions. Below is the list of what I keep on hand.

Finding an airtight container for sugar is a must to keep it not only fresh, but free of other odors. If not stored in an airtight container, sugars can easily become ruined when stored around other spices. Another important thing to remember is keeping brown sugar moist. Try one of the sugar savers to keep your sugars fresh.


Pantry vegetables are a staple for my family. I will make sure to have the following items on hand since I use them frequently for the foundations of most meals. Keeping them properly stored in your pantry is just as important as keeping them stocked. Check out some of my favorite options to keep your items fresh.

Vegetable storage can be so beautiful to look at in a pantry. Below are some options that give a clear division between items to keep them fresh. Depending on what you would like your pantry to look like, any of these options would allow you to keep your produce organized.


Be sure to download The Complete List of a Well Stocked Pantry for a quick guide to keep your pantry organized all year round with an easy to use checklist. As my little gift to you, utilize this list to keep you organized all year long.

The Complete Pantry List
Download PDF • 87KB

I hope that these pantry lists help to keep you organized and always prepared. Try to incorporate some of our tips for storage and shelf life to keep your food as fresh and flavorful as possible. Feel free to put any of your favorite must have pantry items in the comments. Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.



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