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An Open Letter From the Editor

We love that you found us and want to go on this new and exciting journey together. I wanted to start off these blogs with some background on myself, the company, and why I decided to start this business.

A little about me first. From a very early age I always knew what I wanted to do and how to get it. I worked hard to get good grades and was the only kid in my class with a color coded closet. But somewhere along the way life got as it does for so many people, extremely busy and in turn disorganized. I was working multiple jobs putting myself through school when I met my husband. He was then and continues to be my biggest cheerleader in life and encourages me to always follow my bliss. They say that people change over time… in my case that is an understatement. My husband likes to joke that he married someone completely different then who he has now 7 years later. When we meet my room was disaster with clothes, books, and papers everywhere, but I like many other people was career driven that left little time for organization.

Some people say it’s fate and some say everything happens for a reason, but whatever it was I found myself years later about to start a medical program, but I no longer had the passion that I once had for it. Weeks before I was to start, I withdrew from the program and told my husband that I wanted a different life. This new life was going to afford me with more time to allow for my family to expand, so we decided to have another child to add to our five year old.

Something about this baby was like starting fresh for me. Everything was new and exciting again. Bedrest was a killer, but it gave me time to think about what I wanted to put my passion into. Anyone who has been on bedrest for sometime will tell you that one of the hardest parts can be having other people, bless their hearts, try to keep the house running. For the short time that I was feeling well, I was able to put some systems in place to get my nightmare of a house back into an orderly home just in time for the newest addition. Little did I know what a life saver these would be after I had an emergency C-section and was once again back in bed, but this time with a much cleaner and orderly home.

Like many moms that have just had a baby, you can have a crisis of identity. I had done this once before, but did not have the luxury of staying at home with the first. This time around I found myself falling back into my comfort zone with a hyper organized nursery and sleep schedules and thought to myself that not only does this make my life easier, but everyone's. I had always toyed with the idea of what a great business organizing would be, but never really pursued it. Something about the sleepless nights and raging hormones, I was inspired to find something to do with my life that I could unleash my creative passion and help other people find some joy in a more simplified crazy life... and THIS ORGANIZED HOME was born.

As a company, I want people to be inspired by what we do. My goal is to make spaces that not only look beautiful, but function for each specific person and family. I find that I can draw from experience with my own life to help make spaces function for a wide array of ages and levels of interest in organizing. Anyone who has ever bought a house you are warned about how much work it is going to be, but what they don’t warn you about is how much stuff you will acquire over time. Holiday decorations, entertaining dishes and platters, tools for house projects, kids toys, and random boxes that you always seem to get when you visit your parents, pile up in your home. I have been in your shoes and then some. Whatever the project, big or small, you have to start somewhere and we can help.

I want this blog to be a place to be inspired to make your life a little more organized. Something about a neat space can just put your mind at ease after a long day. I hope that this place can help you in your own spaces and throughout some stressful times throughout the year like the holidays. My greatest wish is to encourage others to find the joy in living a less stressed life with a little bit of organization and a lot of love.

Thank you so much for going along on this ride with us. Can’t wait for you to check out our next blog.


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