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Top 75+ Organizational Must Haves of 2021 Ikea Catalogue- Part I

This Organized Home has scoured the Ikea Catalogue of 2021 to find the best organizational products for the New Year. There were so many amazing finds this year that I had to break this blog up into two posts!

For this week, I will focus on the best new products for home organization. Check back next week for Part 2 of the blog which will include office styling, garage organization and so much more!

Be sure to check out the descriptions of products for some tips on how to use them to organize your space. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and get through this together!



Updating your organizational systems in the bathroom can save you time. Whether you spend your morning rushing around to get ready or have multiple people/children fighting over the sink, an update to your bathroom is a must-have this year. Check out the below products to see what Ikea has to offer you.



Making the most of your limited space in a bathroom can present a challenge. Wall space is often overlooked. Adding in hooks and baskets on wall space can give you that extra storage you desire.

Tisken- Hook with suction cup

These hooks are great to use in bathrooms. They adhere to glass or tile without the hassle of drilling into walls. They can also be used solo for towels or in combination with the other Tisken accessories below to create a clean cohesive look in any space.

Used in combination with the Tisken hook, the sleek design of this holder allows for storage of any bathroom product. You can utilize these in the shower to keep bathroom products separated by category or person.

Try using these inside a cabinet door for less clutter in the bathroom.

This hanger system keeps the bathroom tidy with six convenient hooks to hang your towels or bathroom accessories.



If you are anything like me, the bedroom is a place of peace and grounding throughout your busy life. However, this year more than ever, the bedroom may have transformed into a multi-use space. For busy adults, maybe your room has transitioned into an office, or for kids into a schoolroom. Whatever the case, look into the below systems for ideas on how to bring the multi-use bedroom back into a calm and peaceful setting once again.



Whether you have an existing wardrobe that needs some updating or if you do not have a designated space for clothing and accessories, now is the time to get some inspiration.

I would be remiss to not point out one of the best sellers at Ikea… the Pax wardrobe. This system is perfect for everyone because it can be customized to your own style. I love that the system can be completely tailored to your needs with a space and place for everything. In the bedroom in particular, the Pax system is great for creating a functional closet space or even creating a wardrobe space in the absence of a closet.

Look into the Komplement inserts to make the most use out of the drawers in the system or even use them for your own existing drawers. This is perfect for jewelry, shoes, ties, belts and so much more.

Stay tuned for another blog post about the specifics of the Komplement system and how to use all of the speciality products.



One of the easiest ways to keep your drawers organized are with dividers. Ikea has some great products to fit any size drawer and provide some clear sectioning to every space.

Some of the dividers I loved were these Rassla organizers. They come in two sizes.

Skubb boxes

For large or small areas, these Skubb boxes come in a set of six and are great for creating custom configurations in your drawer space.

Skubb boxes- $4.99



With the change of season or the addition of comfy clothing to your space, now is the time to put some organization into your closets. Below are some great ideas to establish a cohesive and functional closet in any space of your home/office.



Updating your hangers gives an upscale and cohesive look to even the smallest closet space. Additionally trying some multi-use hangers can keep you organized with space constraints. See our favorites below.

Bumerang Hanger- Natural or White

Now is the time to upgrade your hangers to a matching set. Not only do these options look great in all spaces, but they are also strong enough to maintain their shape with heavy clothes.

How many times have you hung up your favorite delicate blouse and find it on the floor the next day? Here is your solution! I love the shoulder shaper because it helps to keep your knits and jackets on the hanger, while also maintaining the neck shape.

A multi-use hanger can be great for those pieces in your wardrobe that can get lost. I love this multi-use hanger that can be utilized for belts or accessories. You will have space for storing 18 different items with endless possibilities.



Maybe I am partial to shoe storage because I am a shoe lover but having the correct storage for footwear keeps your space organized while protecting your most beloved accessory.

These shoe boxes are great to give a cohesive look to your shoe collection. You will never have to look for a match again! The clear mesh front allows for visible access to each pair. Plus, air can circulate around your shoes so they can always smell fresh.

What is not to love about space saving organization! I love these shoe organizers because you are able to store your shoes vertically! Plus, these make it easy to see your shoes from every angle when you store them front and back.



An entry into any portion of your home is critical to making a first impression. Having easy to access systems in place will encourage fast storage of frequently used items like shoes, coats, ect. Ease the stress of trying to find your other shoe or favorite hat by having designated areas for everything. Try some of the below items to help you achieve this goal.



Keep your entryway from falling into disarray with a pile up of shoes by putting some systems in place. Below are some easy solutions for shoe and outdoor accessory storage.

This shoe cabinet is great for keeping your entry spaces clutter free. The classic design can fit in with your decor and allow for storage of unsightly shoes.

This shoe rack offers a space to sit while taking on and off shoes. Plus, there are two rows of storage for access to your shoes. Sleek design and sturdy construction allow this shoe rack to fit in with your current decor and stand up to the test of time in a high traffic area.



Eliminate the mess in your hallway with coat and accessory storage. Corral all your shoes and coats in one place with a system for entryway storage.

The modern design of this coat rack offers coat and shoe storage with the convenience of a bench. I love that everything can be easily put in its place quickly.



For those of you that have kids, maintaining a well organized home can be tough. I love to try out tips and tricks in my own home with my kids to see what products might work for you. Below are some of the newest products for those little hands to put to the test out in your own home.



Updating a bed frame can be a great time to look for a solution that has multi uses. Ikea is a great store to look for frames that offer storage solutions to allow for the best use of square space in a bedroom.

Ikea offers many options for bed frames for kids. I loved this one because it offers much needed storage without giving up real estate in a bedroom. These drawers are perfect for clothing, shoe, or toy storage. I also love the small addition of shelving that is great for storing books or electronics.



This is probably the biggest source of concern for most parents in kids' room organization. Ikea has some great practical solutions to look at this year that would be easy to utilize today.

When I saw this in the catalogue I knew I had to include it! I love the design of this toy storage because it has designated spaces for different categories of items and it is kid friendly with lightweight plastic boxes. There are so many different ways to customize this for your space and it can easily grow from baby, to toddler, to young adult storage.

Another super cute option for toy storage is this one. I love that kids can wheel around this toy area and fill it with their most loved things. It has a sleek design that even looks cute left out in a playroom or nursery.

With a sturdy construction, these baskets are great for a kid’s space that needs some extra storage. I love putting art supplies or legos in these to give a cohesive look in a kids space, while also having utility.

This is a perfect container for any kid! I love this container because it can be used for so many things depending on what your child is into. Fit trains, dinosaurs, and coloring supplies in the slots to keep them organized. And did I mention they are stackable!



Each child is unique and has different hobbies that require different types of organizational tools. Below are some of the best solutions for whatever your little one is into.

I love this book organizer because it makes it easy for your kids to reach their books and put them away. Less for you to do (wink).

For anyone that has a little artist on their hands, this drawing case is great to keep all of their supplies in one space. I love utilizing these in the car because it has easy to use pockets for paper, pencils, and much more. Plus the back has a drawing board to make anywhere an instant studio.

A peg board is one of the most versatile organizational items for kids. You can utilize this one for art project displays, craft areas, or even a culinary corner! This one from Ikea has a ready-made combination option or check out the numerous accessories to make it fit for your space.

Finally some place to display their art! I love these memo boards with clips in kids’ rooms. They allow your kids to display their art work in a stylish way. Plus, these can easily transition to be utilized for homework areas or photo displays as kids get older.



One of the hardest working areas of your home, the laundry room is a space that is continuously changing depending on the demands of your home. Below are some great products to keep it looking classy while still functional.



Below are some options to upgrade your existing laundry room to give it a mini facelift and utilize all the space available.

These doors give a classic and expensive look that can update any laundry space. I love that they can easily disguise a small laundry space or give a beautiful focal point to a larger laundry room. These doors offer a modern look to update any cabinet space that you might have already. Works with the Pax frame.

When I saw these I immediately thought about using them in my laundry space. They can be utilized in many other areas of your home or office, but I thought they would be perfect for hanging delicates in a laundry room. I love that they can be easily folded up or down to save on space.



Time to upgrade your laundry baskets this year with these two new options. Adding a designated laundry basket to your laundry room can make sure that clothing does not end up on the floor. I love to find baskets that are beautiful, but they have to also have an insert to easily move clothing and a lid so I can shut the mess away for another day.

This basket fits all my criteria with an insert and a lid! Plus it can hold up to 20 pounds of laundry! The rattan design is on trend and can fit into any decor space.

Another great option that has a lid and insert is this wooden slat basket. I love the natural tones. It is on trend and will do wonders to update your space.



If your family is anything like mine, the kitchen is the place where we congregate and prepare food. Making your kitchen space functional and beautiful can sometimes be a struggle. Here are some amazing products to keep your kitchen in balance this year.



An easy way to bring cohesion to your kitchen is through your food storage. Choosing containers that reflect the style of the kitchen allows for a consistent look throughout. Below are some of my favorite looks this season to bring some style to even the most mundane space.

A beautiful glass jar looks amazing anywhere in the kitchen. I love them because you can easily see what is inside, plus they can be cleaned which is a must for me with kitchen items. You can easily customize these simple jars with labels to upgrade your pantry or create a delicious cookie display.

This is another beautiful option for a glass jar, but with the touch of bamboo in the lid. I love this option because it can tie in some warmer natural tones into your kitchen.

Anyone who loves coffee or tea needs to try this canister. I love the minimal design that looks great on the countertop or can easily be stored in a cabinet. Also, it keeps things fresh while looking beautiful.

Food storage containers are a constant struggle that I continue to see. Let this be the year that you update your system and get containers that all match. Try these stackable ones from Ikea that come in a variety of sizes to give a cohesive look to your refrigerator.

Another option for food storage is the classic look of the mason jars. I love the simple look with the functionality of an airtight seal. You can utilize these for meal prepping throughout the week or for storage of jams and jellies. Whether in your refrigerator or in your pantry, these will be sure to upgrade your look.

Another option for preserving are these bottles with stoppers. Try them on your counter for oils and vinegars or even in your refrigerator for uniform salad dressing bottles.

I love this lunch box! The design is very functional with separate removable inserts to keep you organized even when on the go. Plus one of the containers has the option for a lid which is great for any sauces or dressing. No need to take twelve containers with you to work or school, just this one will suffice.



Organizing spaces in the kitchen can be challenging. Below are some options to make the most out of your existing shelving and provide some order to your cabinets and countertops.

Make your cabinets work overtime. Adding in this shelf insert can instantly give you much needed cabinet space.

This organizer set is great for kitchens where space can be limited. I love that this is renter and novice friendly. With a tension rod system, install is a snap without the concern of damage. You can use this set for a drying station or sorting spices. The options are endless.

I love the look of these bamboo plate holders. These are great to keep your plates and bowls perfectly stacked in a cabinet or organized in a pull out drawer. Plus, they make setting your table a snap with the easy to carry design to get all your plates to the table in a flash.



Below are some solutions that could be utilized in numerous spaces in your home or office that I just had to include.



For anyone that has a love of greenery, the Satsumas collection is for you. Give some organization to your leafy friends with these plant stands.

I love the multiple levels that this stand offers. Try it next to your couch for a clever space to set your coffee cup next to your plant friends.

Another great option would be this stand that allows for multiple levels of plants. For those of you running out of space, this option is great to allow for more plants to get access to window light while maintaining an orderly looking space.

This stand is my favorite! I love the twist on the traditional blanket ladder look. This stand offers room for plants, plus you can utilize it for storage of items that are room specific. Maybe store your remote in a pot in your living room or pens in another in your office. This would also be great for a kitchen garden.



I hope you loved Part 1 of Organizational Must Haves from the 2021 Ikea Catalogue. Check back next week for Part 2! Feel free to leave comments on your most loved organizational items from Ikea. You can check out the whole catalogue here. Stay Organized!

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