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Top 75+ Organizational Must Haves of 2021 Ikea Catalogue- Part II

Welcome back to 'Part 2 of the Ikea Catalogue: 2021's Best Organizational Products for the New Year.' In the last blog, I broke down the top home organizational products. Be sure to check it out if you missed it!

Let’s dive back into the second part of the catalogue with the best organizational tools for the office and miscellaneous items. Like last time, grab a cup of coffee… and let's get into the rest of the must-haves!



A well organized garage is critical to maintaining any organized home. Ikea offers so many solutions to keep your garage clutter free with easy access to your most utilized items. Here are some of the best organizational products to keep your garage working for you this year.



Having storage boxes allows you to keep the zones of your garage in check.

These functional containers can be used for a multitude of items including tools or even gardening supplies.

Moppe Mini Chest

This chest is perfect for organization in the garage with multiple size drawers that allow for a unique storage solution. I also love that the wood is untreated so you can paint/stain it to match any decor style. Try storing nuts and bolts or even gardening gloves in these drawers.

Moppe Mini Chest- $19.99

Rejsa Storage Box

Durability is a must for storage boxes in the garage! The unique look of these boxes gives a more industrial look, while still being classic. These are available in two sizes to fit any of your storage needs. Try stacking them on each other to utilize all of your available vertical space.

Rejsa Storage Box (Small)- $6.99

Rejsa Storage Box (Large)- $17.99

Manick Storage Boxes

Another durable option for a storage box in the garage is the Manick. These boxes are great for keeping things organized with a label holder on the front of the boxes. Plus the handles make it easy to pull these out or stack them back together.

Manick Storage Boxes (Small)- $17.99

Manick Storage Boxes (Large)- $24.99

Knagglig Pine Box

Another durable storage box that comes in multiple sizes is this Knagglig Pine Box. Not only can these be extremely versatile and utilized in multiple areas of your home, but they also can be customized to fit your space with a little DIY stain or paint. I personally like the look of the natural wood for an outdoor garage space. Try it with the Ivar storage units for a more cohesive look.

Knagglig Pine Box (Small)- $5.99

Knagglig Pine Box (Large)- $9.99

Klamtare Box With Lid

When looking for rugged containers for long term storage, it can often be hard to find solutions that are cost effective. The multiple sizes of these neutral toned bins fit into any space. An added bonus is that they can stack and they are waterproof to keep anything you put in them well-protected.

Klamtare Box with Lid (Small)- $5.99

Klamtare Box with Lid (Large)- $12.99



Below are some additional storage ideas designed to suit the various uses of your garage.

Knodd Storage Bins

These handy bins are great for any type of storage in your garage. With a classic look, they can be utilized for a wide range of things including recycling or even firewood storage. Plus, they have a unique design that allows the lid to be hooked onto the sturdy handles with the edge of the lid. No more bin lids rolling away!

Knodd Storage Bins 4 Gallon (Available in dark grey and white)- $14.99

Knodd Storage Bins 11 Gallon (Available in dark grey and white)- $19.99

Sortera Recycling Bin with Lid

Another great container with a sleek, classic design is this recycling bin. I love that it opens partially to allow for an easy open while still having the ability to be stacked. These would be great in a garage or even in a panty. Try adding a label or photo to the front to keep your system tidy.

Sortera Recycling Bin with Lid- $12.99



More and more of us are working out at home or need the convenience of a home gym. Below are some ideas to give an updated look to your space.



Gym cabinet spaces allow you to have a distinct area for your supplies. No need to look for your exercise bands or worry about the kids or pets getting your gear.

Ikea PS Cabinet

This cabinet would be great in a home gym space. I love that it is versatile enough to be used in an entryway or specifically in a gym setting. A bonus of this cabinet is that it can lock your supplies away and the metal design allows it to be cleaned easily which is critical for a gym! Try putting an air freshener in your cabinetry to keep everything smelling fresh.

Ikea PS Cabinet (Available in white, blue, and red)- $99.99

Hallan Cabinet

The Hallan Cabinet systems are great for the gym because they come in multiple configurations and are easily customizable for any space or layout. I particularly love that they can be locked so that you can store your items securely. The inner shelf can be removed for more storage. These would be great for separating different equipment for various exercise disciplines.

Hallan Cabinet- $40.00



Another space that could use an upgrade this year is your office. Whether you are working from home, need to establish an office space in your home, or your existing office needs some updating, here are some great organizational solutions for you.



Mail and correspondence organization is a must in any office setting. Keeping track of important papers or things that need to be addressed promptly can make a huge difference in your productivity. Below are some handy ideas for keeping you on top of your day.

Rinnig Plate Holder

Originally designed as a plate holder, this stand can be utilized in an office for letters or important papers.

Rinnig Plate Holder- $4.00

Kvissle Letter Tray

This classically designed letter tray would look great on a desk or bookshelves. The white metal and cork design is sleek yet classic enough to fit in with your decor. An added bonus is that the tray has pull-out compartments that make accessing your materials a snap.

Kvissle Letter Tray- $19.99

Pleja Letter Tray

Another paper tray option is this Pleja Tray that is not only practical, but also offers another classic design.

Pleja Letter Tray- $9.99



Office space is normally at a premium. Utilizing the wall space with a pegboard can be great to allow for clear visualization and less clutter on your worktable.

Skadis Peg Board

Of course I had to add back in this peg board for the office! It comes in white and natural wood colors that would be great in any office space for visualization, storage, or decoration. Use the accessories offered from this system to create a unique design for your office storage needs.

Skadis Peg Board- $16.99



Another great way to increase office space is to utilize drawers under a desk space or in a forgotten corner. Try some of these designs to make the most out of your office space.

Idasen Storage Cabinet

This cabinet is one of my favorites because it has so many functions! I love that it is on casters to allow for easy movement in an office, plus it has a storage space on the top of it. You can use magnets on the sides of the unit so it can even function as a pin board. And, did I mention the damper closes on the drawers so closing them is a silent process? These are available in multiple colors, so pick yours up today.

Idasen Storage Cabinet (Available in Grey, Dark Beige, and Golden Brown)- $129

Helmer Drawer Unit on Casters

This drawer unit is another space saving option available on casters. I personally love that it already has an area available for labels on each drawer to make your space functional.

Helmer Drawer Unit on Casters (Available in white, blue, and black)- $39.99

Kuggis Drawer Insert

Now is the time to start organizing your drawers in your office. This drawer insert is great as a practical solution for keeping smaller things organized. I personally love to label the spaces in a drawer organizer for easy access taking things out AND putting them away. Plus it is a big help for anyone that is looking for something and is not familiar with your personal set up. Another option would be to use it as an additional shelf in the Kuggis box.

Kuggis Drawer Insert- $7.00



Vertical storage can be utilized in any area of your home or office. Below are some of the newest shelving units that could update your space.


Kolbjorn- Shelf Unit with Cabinet

This shelf unit is a perfect combination of open shelving and cabinets. I love that it is durable enough for indoor and outdoor. Plus the fact that it is easy to clean is a major plus for utilizing it for messier tasks. I am partial to the vibrate green color that it is offered in, but the beige would be perfect to fit in with a more muted color palette.

Kolbjorn- Shelf Unit with Cabinet (Available in Beige and Green)- $138

Vilto Shelf Unit

Another open shelving unit is the Vito unit. I love the classic look of the birch wood that could be left as is for a more earthy feel or stained/painted to match with your decor. These units would be perfect in a bathroom for bath products and towels or even in a home gym to display hand weights and work out essentials.

Vilto Shelf Unit- $69

Hyllis Shelf Unit

Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, or garage storage, this galvanized steel shelving unit is another option for indoor and outdoor spaces. I love the industrial look of this unit to add some edge.

Hyllis Shelf Unit- $9.99

Ivar Shelving Unit

The Ivar shelving units are made from solid pine that can be left to age over time or stained/painted for your own unique look. I personally love the look of this unit folded down for use as a table or a desk. This would be a great option for someone that is looking for some compact work from home space that could be easily disguised. Also, there is the added benefit of plenty of storage.

Ivar Shelving Unit- $164



Time to free up some space in your home with these storage solutions. Rotating out seasonal clothing, bedding, and accessories allows for less clutter in closets and more room for organization.



Looking for seasonal and long-term clothing storage? Take a look below for the best finds to keep your clothing organized and protected from season to season.

Vuku Wardrobe

Long term clothing storage can be hard. This wardrobe system makes it easy to switch out your seasonal clothing or store items. I love that the clothing can be contained in the tenting material to protect it from dust or the elements. Plus, it can roll to allow for even easier access.

Vuku Wardrobe- $19.99

Parkla Storage Case

Another option for seasonal storage are these Parkla storage cases. The options with these cases are endless. The easy zip closure makes storing everything from linen in a guest room to holiday decor a snap. An added bonus is that they can be easily stored when not in use since they can fold flat.

Parkla Storage Case- $1.99

Rigga Clothes Rack

Clothing racks are an easy way to keep your wardrobe organized when not in use. I love to utilize these in a basement or attic for storage of seasonal clothing. These racks make it a snap to switch out your items since they are already on hangers. The rolling function of these racks makes moving them easy. Plus, there is a shelf on the bottom for shoe or basket storage.