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Seven Things to Do Everyday to Keep Your Home More Organized

There is no place like YOUR home because every home is unique. Regardless of the differences, home maintenance and organization can be a struggle.

Help yourself and your family with daily habits to keep tidy throughout. Below are seven simple tips to complete everyday to keep your home looking tip top.

You will be amazed at how simple each step is and how over time they won't even feel like a chore. Try them out for a few weeks... you can thank me later.


A tidy bedroom starts with a made up bed. The whole room looks more put together when this critical step is taken and makes it less likely for other things to stack up around the rest of the room.

The key to quickly making the bed in the morning is to make it right the first time. A properly made bed is easy to put back together in the morning with the help of some hospital corners.

Follow these simple steps to give you that hotel bed look everyday. Follow along here for a full tutorial.


Cut down on the weekly mopping by sweeping up after dinner. This quick sweep will cut down on extra dirt and any kitchen traffic/food particles after a long day's work.

Try using a cleaning buddy to help cut down on the dust and mess. We have a Roomba that we use daily on the first floor that helps to keep things tidy. There are so many options that are available. See which one might be right for you. We always say that she is the hardest working member of our family.


Most things are easiest to clean up when they first happen. Challenge yourself to clean up any spill at the moment it happens and not leave it for later.

This quick thinking will save you time when you are trying to get that caked on tomato sauce off the microwave.


The best way to cut down on dishes after cooking is to continuously be cleaning them as you go. Empty the dishwasher prior to cooking so you have a place to put dirty dishes after you use them.

I like to wash my cooking utensils and dishes/cutting boards as I go along to reduce the number of dishes to clean after the meal. Challenge yourself to get all the dishes into the dishwasher prior to eating.


When the mail comes in every day make sure to go through and sort it when you first bring it inside. I prefer to open mine in the kitchen so I have easy access to a garbage can. Setting up a system of organization for mail is the easiest way to make sure it is addressed properly. Try sorting them into four separate categories: bills, things to file, magazines/catalogs, and personal correspondence.

Try one of these correspondence systems to keep everything neat and tidy.


The best way to control clutter is to continuously stay on top of it. My rule of thumb is to do a quick scan of the room when you are leaving it and put anything back that does not belong. Encourage everyone in your family to do the same and see how fast the clutter decreases.

Adding in decorative storage containers can keep the clutter out of sight for when you are in a pinch or it needs to be taken to another location in the house. Get into the habit of going through these baskets every few days.


Stepping on a lego on the way to get coffee in the morning is not the best way to start the day. Ten minutes can save you the hassle of the morning madness and keep your house tidy.

Give yourself a few extra minutes at the end of every day to set yourself up for success and less stress. Try to get everyone in the house to do the same to really get the house together quickly. Many hands make light work.


I hope that these easy to follow tricks help to keep the chaos in check at your house. Try to incorporate the rest of your family to join in on the fun. Be sure to try them all out for a few weeks and see how organized your home becomes. Feel free to put any of your favorite daily tasks in the comments. Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.




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