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Organize Your Beach and Pool Items Like a Pro- 12 Tips to Get You Enjoying the Water Sooner

Finally the summer is upon us which gives us a great excuse to soak up the sunshine with those you love. I know I am looking forward to many days sitting poolside and at the beach splashing and playing with friends and family. Minimize vacation stress by remembering some summer essentials.

I have compiled a list of 12 Essential Summer Items that you should have on hand for the next few months. Plus, I even threw in some bonus tips on how to organize and store your pool and beach items so that you can easily access and enjoy them for years to come.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these helpful tips to get you into the summer mood as well as prepared for whatever the summer may throw at you.


With the summer weather upon us now, it is time to stock up on your essential items so that you can be ready for any summer adventure at a moment's notice. Below are the top 12 items to have ready to go for yourself and the kids so you can hit the beach or pool prepared for anything.

1. Sunglasses

For those of you that can never find a pair of sunglasses, try keeping your pair in a designated area. In my own house, we have a container in our entryway that stores all of our sunglasses. Not only is it easy to access right when you are running out the door, but it is easy to take them off and put away when you enter your house. I also like to keep a spare, less expensive pair in my car for kids and myself. In a pinch, I know that I can find them in the glove box and return them to their emergency space after I use them.

2. Sunscreen

This is an absolute essential item for the summertime. At our house, we have go-bags for each of our children that have a dedicated pouch for pool/beach toiletries that I store a small sunscreen in. In addition to these sunscreens, I have a larger pouch that has the family sunscreens in our beach bag so we can have everyone covered. The last place I store sunscreen is in a zip lock bag in the trunk of my car in the trunk organizer. I know... that is a whole lot of sunscreen but I never want to be without some sun protection! This keeps us covered all summer long.

3. First Aid Kit

Another essential for the summer cuts and scrapes would be a travel first aid kit. I always have one on hand at home and in the trunk of my car, but during the summer I like to add a kit into my kids' go-bags. In addition to the normal first aid supplies, I add in some essential items that are dedicated for pool/beach use including lip balm/sunscreen, antibacterial hand soap, aloe, solarcaine, and eye drops.

4. Swimsuits

We store most of our swim wear in our closets at our home, but I like to have a swim suit on hand for every member of the family in our pool bag just in case we are in a hurry. When you leave the beach or pool, hang them up right away or lay them flat to dry. During the colder months, store your swimsuits in long term storage since you will not be using them. This will give you some extra space for your bulkier cold weather items.

5. Sandals and Flip Flops

I encourage you to have shoe storage that can be easily accessed by everyone in your family at the entryway of your home. In our own home, we have two areas located at the front and side entrances where we store our most used shoes. Everyone is allowed to have two pairs of shoes at each location at a time and the rest must be stored in their bedroom closets. At the change of season, I have everyone put their end of season shoes into long term storage totes and swap out the new season shoes in their closets. For kids, take time at the end and beginning of the season to make sure you have sandals that fit and order any that need to be replaced so you are always prepared.

6. Towels

Towels can take up so much space in a beach bag. Try rolling your towels this year and storing them upright so you can easily find the one you are looking for without disturbing the rest of the bag. I also like to pack kids' towels in their own bags to cut down on the items in the main beach bag. Be sure to pack a garbage bag in your beach bag or in your trunk to easily throw the wet towels into to keep your car clean. Simply empty your garbage bag into the washing machine when you get home. Easy, right?

7. Get a Break from the Sun

I love a good umbrella at the beach, but how are you supposed to store it when the umbrella is not in use? Try storing your collapsed umbrella upright in a bin to make sure that the moisture is not trapped to minimize the chance of mildew.

8. Portable Fan

This tip was from my friend who lived in the south. When she had one of her babies, she said the trick to taking kids out during the summer is a portable fan. There are so many options for fans, but I love the fans that can be easily charged and attached onto your stroller. Take time now to order your own fan to keep your kids comfortable in the summer heat.

Check out some of these highly rated portable fans to keep you cool.

9. Beach & Water Toys

Time to bring out the beach toys! Plan on storing these items in a mesh drawstring bag that allows for ventilation to keep items from mildewing after getting wet. I like to keep these items in labeled containers in the garage so I can easily see and grab the items I want.

During the off season, make sure to give these items a good clean before you store them away. You can easily clean most of these items in your dishwasher or even your washing machine. Leave them outside in the sun to dry before you pack them away in a storage tote for the next year. As always, make sure to purge broken or no longer used toys before you store them and order any replacements now so you are prepared for next season.

10. Beach Chairs

Time to meet your best friend for beach chair storage...HOOKS. Keep your garage and storage spaces organized with wall hooks to keep the chairs out of the way and still easily accessible. Try out some of these options for keeping your beach storage space organized.

Check out some of these beach chair storage to keep your garage organized.

After thoroughly drying your chairs, make sure to store your chairs in the folded position to avoid damaging them.

11. Cooler

When the warm weather starts it is important to be prepared with multiple types of coolers. A smaller, collapsible cooler for everyday use can be handy to have in your trunk. This cooler is not just for the beach, but also for transporting groceries in warm weather. A large cooler is essential for your beach and pool trips; this can be stored in the garage when not in use. At the end of the season, make sure to store your cooler away in a tote for the next warm season so you have space for your winter items.

12. Beach Buggy

The classic beach bag is a must for the beach and pool, but there are some other great options that make carrying your other essential items easier. A beach buggy is designed to carry everything you might want and more. The best beach storage carts have storage spaces for your umbrella, beach chairs, and maybe even a built-in cooler. Invest in one today so you can easily load up your items and stroll onto and off of the beach. Choose one with a collapsible design in order to easily store this item in your long term storage.

Check out some of these beach buggies to easily carry all you beach gear.

The beach trip has been planned and you are so excited to go, but now the packing begins and you find yourself running to the store instead of relaxing at the water. This is especially true if you have children. Take a look below for some tips on how to avoid vacation stress and maximize your day of relaxation.

Make a beach tote.

To make your life easier, pack all your beach gear together in a storage spot that is convenient to access. When you decide to have a day of fun, simply place the tote in your trunk and get going. Plus, at the end of the day easily pack everything back into the tote to keep your car clean. Quick and easy.

Cooler organization starts at home.

Save essential space in your cooler by freezing your water and juice boxes and using them to keep your cooler cold instead of an ice pack. Don't forget to pack your favorite snacks to save on having to buy items or leave the beach area for food.

Store like items together.

I like to keep my beach items grouped into categories so everyone can easily access the items they want and not unpack an entire bag. For beach toys, store them in a mesh bag that can easily be rinsed right in the bag.

Become the master of Inflatables.

Keep a mattress pump in the car to easily inflate and deflate flotation devices so you have more space in your car. Easily place these items in a storage container to move them from their long-term storage into your car all season long.

Small packs for small trips.

Not every trip is going to involve a huge bag and caravan of items. Maybe you are only doing a quick trip to the pool? Try utilizing a small tote or backpack instead of your larger bag. Again, utilize small pouches to keep similar items together.

Always be prepared with plastic bags.

Save yourself some hassle by planning ahead and packing items that have a tendency to leak in a plastic bag when you are packing. Keep some spare bags for items that are wet or sandy that would need to be rinsed prior to washing them.

Invest in a beach buggy.

Order your wagon today so you do not have to struggle with carrying your beach items. Designed with all the conveniences of a stroller and the rugged durability of a wagon, it’s a super-fun crossover that makes any outing easy. Get yours today.

Whether you have a pool or like to visit one take a look at the top tricks on how to organize your pool supplies to keep your deck and pool area neat and tidy with these storage tips.

Maximize storage space with multipurpose items.

A great investment for your pool are waterproof outdoor storage boxes that can hold all your pool items and toys. Not only can you store everything you might need right next to your pool, but you can also use these boxes as extra seating saving you valuable space on your pool deck. Below are some amazing options that would be perfect for any pool deck.

Check out some of these pool benches to maximize your seating and storage.

Keeping your pool clean

If you have chemicals that you use to care for your pool, you will want to make sure that these items are properly stored and out of reach for kids and pets. Make sure to keep your items either in a locked cabinet or high out of reach with tall shelving in your garage, shed, or pool house. Utilizing smaller storage containers inside of your cabinets is a great idea to keep similar products together and protected while not in use.

Inflatable Storage

For anyone that loves a good pool noodle or inflatable device, storage can be somewhat difficult. Give your pool house or garage a leg up this season by investing in a storage system to keep these items out of the way but still easy to access.

Check out some of this pool storage cart to easily store all your essentials.

Try using a net storage system that allows your items to dry and keeps them neatly stored. Mesh pockets around the pool organizer makes it easy to retrieve small pool toys, balls, and pool safety equipment. Plus, the whole item can roll while you store your large pool toys keeping your pool organized.

General Storage

Every pool is unique in what supplies and items that you may want or need. There are so many options on the market with different items that can help you organize your space. Here are some unique options that would make organization a breeze depending on your needs.

Check out some of these pool storage options to keep everything from inflatables to pool cleaning items organized.

For those of you just starting on your pool organization or not really sure where to start, a good investment is always storage containers. Start by grouping together any accessories by type and label the containers prior to storing them. Diving toys could go in one container and other water toys in another. Organize your pool supplies in the way that makes the most sense to you.

I hope you enjoyed my Summer Guide on How to Organize Beach and Pool Items. Feel free to leave any of your favorite products or tips for beach and pool storage in the comments. I am always willing to try the newest things in organization.

Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.


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