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Easter Basket Fun for Everyone- Your Guide on the Essentials for Organizing Every Basket

With Spring well on its way, the Easter holiday is a perfect time to get creative with some exciting new ideas that will give your baskets an added surprise beyond the candy.

There's plenty to figure out before the holiday arrives, so why not take the simple route and find the Easter Basket stuffers out there that are perfect for all of the babies, toddlers, kids, and adults in your life right here.

I have broken down the baskets into age groups with perfect ideas for boys and girls. The baskets have some great gifts that are focused on being useful well beyond the holiday festivities. This is an excellent time to start restocking some practical items or planning for toys that can be used in the warmer months to come.

There are also some creative options for an alternative or themed group "basket" if you want to transition away from the more traditional basket. Be sure to check out the items in the blog below for links to everything.

I hope these ideas inspire you to start organizing your thoughts on basket fillers and maybe even venture into the alternative basket market for something that is eye catching and memorable. Enjoy!

When looking for basket fillers for babies, I like to find gifts that are practical and educational. Hop to it and fill up your baby’s Easter basket with these gift ideas. From soft bibs and books to sweet stuffed animal rattles and toys, all these options are candy-free but as sweet as can be. Read on for baby Easter basket ideas your little bunny will love.

Baby Easter Basket Essentials

1. teether toy

2. bottles

3. teething necklace

4. rattle

5. wooden toy

6. blanket

7. hat

8. bibs

9. book

10. crib shoes

For basket ideas with a baby, there are so many options to consider ranging from a traditional wicker basket to a more creative option like a swing.

For the traditional baskets, I prefer to utilize a personalized one that can be used year after year or to try finding a beautiful basket that can be used in your home with a decorative bow for the special day. Below are some wonderful traditional options.

For a more creative twist on the basket for a baby, utilize a swing or even toy truck for storing your gifts. I also like the baskets that are very Easter specific with creatures like a bunny that can be utilized year after year.

However you decide to make your basket, try to utilize some of my essentials for babies in them and see how useful the items can be throughout the year.

Kids' baskets are a great opportunity to stock up or replenish items that the kids will use and love. Load up on crafting items and school supplies. Now is also a great time to go beyond more generic products to try out ones that they will love with favorite characters like Frozen toothbrushes. Plus with Spring and Summer coming, find some cute ideas for outside activities like a bubble machine or even chalk. Check the list below for some great ideas that can be used into the warmer months.

Kid's Easter Basket Essentials

1. colored pencils/markers/crayons

2. sand toys

3. bubble machine

4. kinetic sand

5. drawing paper

6. water colors

7. tub markers

8. journal

9. character toothbrush

10. chalk

11. bath bombs

12. goggles

13. book

14. play dough

Themed baskets are so fun for kids this age. Below are some great ideas that could work for a wide range of interests including:

- Creativity in a Box -

- Outdoor Fun -

- Pool Splashing Good Time -

- Hot Wheels -

There are some cute creative ideas that are outside of the traditional basket that can be utilized after Easter including beach baskets, umbrellas, helmets, and pool inflatables. Check these baskets out for some inspiration for your kids' baskets.

While your teen boy might not still believe in the Easter bunny, you still might want to treat them to a few things for Easter. Teen boys can be hard to gift for. Below are some ideas that they are sure to like opening on Easter.

Teen Boy's Easter Basket Essentials

1. beef jerky

2. voli paddles

3. kan jam mini

4. headphones

5. lounge joggers

6. air pods case

7. waterproof playing cards

8. body spray

9. water bottle

10. sunglasses

I find that at this age a more creative basket is better received. Opting for a sports theme for a teen that loves football or a video game theme for the more tech minded kid can also be helpful in finding things that appeal to them. Below are some creative basket ideas that can be utilized after the day.

Teen girl baskets can be another challenge for parents. A themed basket is a great way to appeal to this age group by focusing on your child's favorite things. Maybe she is an aspiring artist and could use some supplies or perhaps she is a style maven that loves the newest trends and would benefit from some new earrings. Check out the below essentials for her basket. After all, who doesn't love to wake up to a surprise on Sunday morning?

Teen Girl's Easter Basket Essentials

1. silk scrunchies

2. gift card

3. face masks

4. make up wipes

5. earrings

6. water bottle

7. dry shampoo

8. candle

9. ring holder

10. nail polish

For teen girls, I like to utilize a basket that is not traditional. Find a cute basket option that would match her style and room decor that can be used all year round. Another idea would be to stuff some essentials into a cute cosmetic bag or fanny pack (if she is into that). A cute jar is another alternative that can be used in her room for bath products, hair scrunchies, or even as a decorative display piece.