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Cheers to Always Being Prepared: How to Perfectly Organize Coffee, Tea, and Wine & Spirits

Continuing our series on stocking the perfect pantry, let's look at the final category which includes coffee, tea, and wine & spirits. Having these items on hand is essential for cooking as well as entertaining. Take a look at some of my favorite ways to store these products so that they are always ready for a refreshment.

A successful kitchen demands an equally properly stocked pantry. Last week's blog focused on the the flavors of food with oils, vinegars, and spices. This week I wanted to focus on beverages that are required in a home. Coffee, tea, and wine are essential for creating that homey feeling for guests or yourself.

Below is my own master pantry list broken down into three categories: coffee, tea, and spirits. Make it easy to keep guests and family well hydrated with a refreshing beverage. I have also added in some tips and tricks to keep your items fresh and properly stored. Notice the specific storage solutions for each category to keep your space organized.

Be sure to download The Complete List of a Well Stocked Pantry at the end of this blog for a simple to use checklist to keep your pantry organized all year round.


I love the aroma of a fresh brewed coffee throughout a home. There is something about that magical scent that brings a sense of relaxation and home. For this reason, I enjoy having coffee and related products on hand for myself and guests. My husband and I are in the routine of having a regular house blend of caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and a freshly ground speciality blend every week. Another way to mix things up or to tie in a season would be to incorporate syrups into your beverages. My friends always love to sample a speciality seasonal option for their drinks. Try out my essential pantry list for coffee below.

There is nothing like freshly ground coffee, but if it is not stored properly the once delicious brew can start to go stale or even take on some funky tastes from being stored with very aromatic items. Below are some of the best ways to store your coffee or espressos.


I love tea! To me there is nothing quite like a hot glass after shoveling snow or even in the summer with some fresh brewed sweet tea. However you like it, having a stock of different types of tea is key especially for any guests to your home. My own collection of bagged and loose tea has expanded with my family's love of different types of tea. Below are some of the best ways to store both options as well as my essential list for types of tea to always have on hand.

Whether you prefer bagged tea or loose tea, below are my personal favorites for storage of both. I like to have easy access to tea bags in easy to move storage containers. With one of these bag organizers, your collection of teabags remains elegantly organized and close at hand when you and your guests want tea.

For loose teas, the below options are great for keeping your collection fresh. The opaque options are handy for uniform tea storage in an area with light. The clear glass and wooden containers are great to have in a pantry that has low light or even in a cabinet to give an organized and beautiful look.


Although not in every home, wine and spirits can be something to have on hand to pair with dinner or to share a glass with a friend. I like to keep the below list of wines and spirits available in my pantry. I use them for cooking purposes or for a quick glass by the fire. Obviously the types of wine will vary depending on your own personal tastes, but the list below is a great starting point for what a guest may want or what you might need for cooking.

Try out some of these products to keep your wine and Champagne fresh once the bottle is opened. For Champagne, a metal stopper is the best way to keep an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of Champagne. For wines, keep the flavor of an opened bottle fresh with a preserver. Preservers remove air from your wine bottle to keep the flavor of a wine for up to one week.


Be sure to download The Complete List of a Well Stocked Pantry for a quick guide to keep your pantry organized all year round with an easy to use checklist. Utilize it to keep you organized all year long. My little gift to you.

The Complete Pantry List
Download PDF • 93KB


I hope that these tips on storing coffee, tea, and spirits keeps you organized and always prepared for a delicious beverage for you and any house guest. Try to incorporate some of our tips for storage and shelf life to keep your drinks as fresh and flavorful as possible. Feel free to put your favorite ways to store beverages in the comments. Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.



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