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Add Some Spice to Your Life: How to Perfectly Organize Oils, Vinegars, and Spices

Keep things fresh and flavorful with a well stocked pantry for your oils, vinegars, and spices. Here are the must have items to stock in your pantry as well as some inspiring organizational systems to give your pantry a refresh for the spring.


A successful kitchen demands an equally properly stocked pantry. Last week's blog focused on the items required in a pantry. This week I wanted to focus on the flavors of foods and the additional oils and vinegars that are often required in recipes.

Below is my own master pantry list broken down into categories for oils, vinegars, and spices that make it easy for me to keep my kitchen ready to go year round. I have also added in some tips and tricks to keep your items fresh and properly stored. There is also a focus on the specific storage solutions to try for each category to keep your space organized.

Be sure to download The Complete List of a Well Stocked Pantry at the end of this blog for a simple to use checklist to keep your pantry organized all year round.


A complete list of oils for a pantry are essential for cooking, frying foods, or as a salad dressing. Below is a list of different types of oils to keep stocked in your pantry at all times so that you are prepared for any type of cuisine.

As my cooking progressed over time, the number of oils that I need in rotation increased and so did my need for an organized system. Below are my personal favorites for oil storage that is functional and helps to keep oils lasting fresh.


A complete spice and seasoning list for a pantry is a must. Everyone, from a newbie to seasoned chef, needs to have the following spices and seasonings ready to go in order to keep you prepared for 99% of recipes that you will try. Of course as your cuisine styles evolve over time, you may find that you have your own essential spices that you need to have stocked. Take a look below at the pantry list and check this against your own! You can thank me later.

I personal have gone through three different spice storage systems in my own home. Do not be discouraged when you implement a system in your own home that does not work for you. As you become a more experienced cook or find your own personal style in the kitchen, your system will grow just like you. Below are some options that anyone can implement for their spices. I have tried all of them and the last system is the one that is currently working in my own home. Whatever system you choose make sure to keep your spices fresh and rotate in new ones when necessary to give the desired flavor to your dishes.


I personally love to incorporate vinegars in many areas of my life. Not only is vinegar great for a natural cleaning agent, but there are also so many delicious vinegar types that can be incorporated into food. Having a few different types of vinegar on hand in your pantry can help keep you prepared for more diverse recipes. During the spring and summer, I love to incorporate different types of vinegar into my salad dressings and marinates. Here are the top vinegars to have on hand for your pantry:

Keeping my ever growing vinegar collection organized is so important. I like to make my systems for vinegar storage user friendly and help to preserve the flavor and freshness for the products as long as possible. Using darker glass bottles helps to protect your vinegars from light and any oxidation. This keeps them fresh longer! Below are some ideas for ideal vinegar storage bottles as well as a great idea for how to easily access your collection.


Be sure to download The Complete List of a Well Stocked Pantry for a quick guide to keep your pantry organized all year round with an easy to use checklist. Utilize it to keep you organized all year long. My little gift to you.

The Complete Pantry List
Download PDF • 93KB


I hope that these tips on storing oils, vinegars, and spices keeps you organized and always prepared to add some flavor to your food. Try to incorporate some of our tips for storage and shelf life to keep your food as fresh and flavorful as possible. Feel free to put your favorite ways to store oils/vinegars and spices in the comments. Can't wait to catch up on the next blog... Stay Organized.



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