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45 of the Best Father's Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad: Monthly Favorites Edition

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Father's Day is rapidly approaching! Why not give that guy a gift that shows just how much you appreciate him and all that he does for your whole family? I know it can be challenging to find that perfect gift. Here are some unique and useful options.

Whoever you are buying for this year, I have rounded up the best organizational Father's Day gifts for every type of man in your life from your father-in-law to grandfather. I hope these ideas will give you some inspiration for your gift-giving this holiday. You may even want to buy a spare for yourself. Who said gift-giving with an organizational twist wasn't fun?


The Best Dad Gifts Under $50

Whether he is a bit forgetful and always losing his keys or rather adventurous and loves the outdoors, here are some affordable gift ideas for every sort of dad. Whatever it is that your Dad' loves, the items listed below are bound to make him smile.



For the dad that constantly loses his keys, the Tile is an amazing product to instantly find them.

Simply attach the Tile to things like keys or bags to easily keep track of their locations.

Use the noise alert function to find your item within 200 ft. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Xfinity, and Siri to easily help your dad find his items in a snap.



For the Dad that loves REI and the outdoors, the lifetime membership is a great gift this year.

REI members receive 10% off of almost everything in the store automatically as well as deals that only members have access to. Plus, get discounts on REI classes, events, and adventures.


If your dad likes beer, this carrier is a great gift idea. This looks great on a bar cart and it allows Dad to easily bring beer to the party in style. The design incorporates rustic wood and has an attached cast-iron bottle opener. Perfect for picnics or camping and fits up to 6 bottles.


This case is a great idea for any dad that loves being around water while fishing or boating. Plus, the case is certified waterproof up to 100 feet/ 30 meters.


With ingredients for 2 Moscow Mules and 2 Margaritas, your dad can easily grab his spirit of choice and mix it up. This is great for the dad who travels or even just to use at home. Each kit includes everything he might need for his cocktail including a carrying tin neatly enclosing a 1/2 oz jigger, a petite bar spoon, syrup mix, and a linen coaster.

Dad Gifts for Organizing

You know I had to put in my own section devoted to organizing gifts that Dad is sure to LOVE! Be sure to check out some of my unique picks that will keep him organized for years to come.



Not only will these shoe shapers keep your Dad’s shoe shape maintained, but they will also keep them smelling fresh. These aromatic red cedar wood shoe trees naturally deodorize your Dad’s shoes when not in use. Help to keep his most loved shoes looking top-notch.



Why not throw in an automated tie rack with the traditional tie and socks present? This tie rack automatically rotates with the touch of a button. Now he can store his ties or belts in an organized system. Plus your Dad can easily install it in his closet on a hanging rod or wired shelving. Plus, the system has LED lights that make it easy for him to see which tie or belt he might need.


Help Dad keep his sunglass collection orderly with this organizer with 12 separate compartments. I love the look of the faux leather exterior with the clear glass top so he can easily find the pair he wants. This would also work great for storing other accessories including cuff links and tie clips.


Time to upgrade your Dad’s shaving set. This travel shaving set is a must for any dad that travels. No longer does he need to carry around cheap cartridge razors and aerosol foams. Now he can shave like the gentleman he is. This set is designed with quality shaving products to last much longer than what your Dad is used to. Each kit contains everything he is going to need to get the best shave including a safety razor, badger hair brush, shave stand, alum block, shave bowl, shave soap, razor blades, and a canvas and leather bag.


Help simplify your Dad’s morning routine with this clothing valet system. Made from solid hardwood that complements any room decor, this system includes a mirror, tie rack, pants/shirt hanging area, and metal shoe rack. Now your Dad can get ready in a flash with the help of this neat little system.

Gifts for the New Dad

Congratulations to the NEW dads this year! Maybe you are expecting and would like to celebrate early or you have a recent addition to the family, here are some great ideas that he will love in the upcoming sleepless months.



Cue the sleepless nights and aches and pains that arise with a newborn. Give the gift of massage to your new Dad with the Theragun Mini. Like the classic Theragun, this massage system is great for muscle relief on the go. I personally bought this for my husband for Father’s Day last year and he LOVES it! The massager has a long battery life of 150 minutes, but you only need a few to get some much need relief with this little guy. Who has the time anyway when you have a new baby. Bonus, he might even let you use it.



Every new Dad is pushing a stroller. Help to keep him powered up with this carrying hook that is also a power bank all in one. Now he can easily charge two devices all day and hold up to 25 pounds of weight. This would be great for charging your phone or even a tablet for an older child.


Maybe your new Dad is missing gardening this year. Give him back some of the fun with this less time-consuming option of a mini herb garden. This system has a built-in grow light and self-watering mechanism so if he is too sleep-deprived and accidentally skips watering for a few days, he can still have a thriving garden.


Maybe your new Dad is heading back to work. Help him easily transition back to the office with this picture frame. I love the design of this digital frame because you can upload images from your phone at home right to his desk at work. Now he doesn’t have to miss one moment of fun and excitement at home.


Give the gift of quiet this year! This noise-cancelling headphones will allow your new Dad to can get some peace and quiet. These are some of the best options for headphones under $100, plus the cushioned earpieces are comfortable for sleeping if he wants to get a quick nap away from the kids.

Gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad

Did you grow up kayaking or rock climbing? You probably have an outdoorsy Dad. Why not get him something that he would love for his next great adventure this year?



The Jetboil Flash is on my husband’s list of top products to purchase for a reason. This lightweight and easily packable design is great for camping or backpacking. It allows you to boil things quickly. The MiniMo is another great option with a shorter cook cup that is easier to handle, plus it has the ability to simmer things that the Flash does not. Definitely upgrade to the MiniMo if your dad already has the Jetfoil Flash.



Sleeping on the ground in your sleeping bag can be tough especially as you get older. The NeoAir XLite is the most versatile pad for backpacking. Plus, it is insulated enough for three-season camping and small enough to pack down to the size of a water bottle. Give the gift of a good night's sleep to Dad this year. I bet you will be his favorite.


If you have a Dad that is into camping, then this LED lantern is perfect for him. Allow your Dad to easily see in the dark for food preparation and time around the campfire. Plus, he can use the battery to charge a device. There is an option for a solar panel so that he can easily charge the battery with a hand crack if he forgets to charge it ahead of his trip.


Just because he is an outdoorsy Dad, doesn’t mean that he isn’t a coffee snob. The Aeropress is perfect to get him that REAL cup of coffee he desires even if the nearest Starbucks is miles away. This system makes the best coffee with the least amount of cleanup. There is a full-sized model and a Go version that gives you the same great coffee with less weight to carry around.


If your Dad loves hiking trails then this water purification system is for him. Ideal for a multi-day trip with the squeeze filter system that is the fastest and easiest way to provide drinking water. Dad can either fill up the pouch and drink straight from the filter or put the water in his water bottle.

Gifts for the Backyard Dad

Especially now, the backyard is an oasis for many Dads. Why not give his favorite space an upgrade and make it everything he might want? He might even let you have a slice of hot pizza from his new Father's Day gift. Now that's a win for everyone!



Maybe your Dad is a grill master, but he also loves a good slice of pizza. Why not consider the Ooni’s pizza ovens? These ovens offer high-heat cooking typically reserved for artisanal pizza. Available in either gas-powered or wood-burning pellets to easily complement the fuel choice that he already has. Plus, it can cook a pizza in under a minute. Yummm!



Many of your Dads have been making the switch to smart home systems. Why not help him transform his backyard with the Kasa Outdoor Smart Plugs? These plugs are not only waterproof but also give you an extra outlet with two spots that can be controlled independently. The system comes with the Kasa app to easily start a schedule or set a timer for anything outdoor like string lights or spotlights with the click of some buttons on his phone.


Many parties have come to a halt due to biting mosquitos. Maybe Dad would love to be bite free this year with the Thermacell Patio Shield. This model offers a 20-foot coverage area that is fully rechargeable to keep bugs repelled for up to 12 hours. Another great feature is that this system does not give off any odor so it is nearly undetectable. Get one for Dad now and he will be thanking you all summer long.


Another wonderful item for the backyard that would give Dad some amazing relaxation this year would be this hammock. With thousands of reviews, this one is the ultimate for Dad to be easily resting and recharging this summer.


Sometimes additional seating is required in the backyard. Why not get Dad an outdoor rocking chair for some additional seating? Plus, this chair can be compactly stored when not in use. Throw the chair in the car for an outdoor baseball game or camping adventure to help him relax in style.

Gifts for the Tech Dad

Tech dads can be difficult to buy for each year if you don’t know all of the latest items on the market. Don’t worry though, I made sure to pick out some items that would be great for all different types of tech dads.



Help to streamline charging for your tech Dad with this 4-in-1 device charger. You can wirelessly charge compatible iPhones plus it has a lightning port to charge his AirPods and a charging pad to charge his Apple Watch. There is an additional USB-C port to charge anything additional that he might need like a tablet. Help your Dad organize all his tech gadgets.



I have to admit that when the Echos first came out I wasn’t planning on using it very much. Now I cannot imagine life without it. Our family uses them for everything from checking the weather and news in the morning to making a grocery list. Dad will definitely love this little device. Use it to leave messages on other devices. My daughters love to leave messages for my in-laws that they can check on their Echo at home. Pick one up for Dad today.


As appliances become smarter, it’s now a lot easier to automate our homes. Lighting, thermostats, vacuum cleaners and even microwaves can be set using a couple of simple commands. But there’s still a handful of electronics in every home that would undoubtedly benefit from some Alexa integration. Enter Amazon’s Smart Plug. This cheap accessory can connect to a lamp and offer remote timing, automate the power for your air conditioner or dehumidifier or simply start the coffee machine at the same time each morning.


For the gaming Dad, why not give him a programmable mouse that has thousands of great reviews? Dad can easily customize or auto-program the buttons based on the game. I bet you he will love this little guy.


When your Dad loves technology and grilling, a meat thermometer that can connect to his phone is the way to go. Upgrade his thermometer this year so he can relax while waiting for his perfectly done steak. Plus he can easily monitor the internal temperature of his favorite meats right from his phone.

Gifts for the Sporting Dad

Why not try to fill that sports-filled heart with an amazing gift for the Dad that loves all kinds of sports? You will be sure to hit a home run with any of these gifts.



For the Dad that loves golfing, this smartwatch is a must. Designed for the serious golfer, it comes with 42,000 different golf courses pre-loaded and can even track his shots. With the extended battery life, Dad can enjoy the links this year and not have to worry about missing any fitness tracking or notifications.



This valet system is great for not only keeping Dad organized, but also designed with his favorite sports team in mind. I love that each tray is engraved with his name and favorite NFL team's logo to make it even more special. Now he can easily store his everyday items, like watch and keys, in one place.


For any Dad that likes to tailgate for a sporting event, this cooler is going to be his best companion. Perfect for longer trips, this cooler is able to hold 18 cans with 14 pounds of ice. He could even use this cooler for camping if he wanted and not worry about warm beverages.


I purchased this stroller for my husband’s first Father’s Day and he still uses it a few times a week to run with my kids. A jogging stroller is absolutely essential for any Dad that is a runner and this one is top of the line. The design is not only sleek, but the rugged wheels and suspension system set it apart from other strollers on the market. Plus, there is the added bonus of you getting some peace and quiet while he takes the kids out for a run.


Another golfer Dad gift essential is this portable putting green. For any Dad that doesn’t get out enough to practice his putting, now he can swing away all he wants right at home. Keep him at the top of his game so he can shine on the real golf course when he can make it out. This practice course can be used in his home office or even his man cave.

Gifts for the Health Conscious Dad

These days there are so many great Father’s Day gifts if your dad is interested in fitness. Step up his training tools this year with some essential items to give him that competitive fitness edge.



Help Dad to keep his fitness goals in mind with this smart scale. Now he can easily track his heart rate, body fat percentage, and his cardiovascular health. This scale is amazing because it can automatically recognize different people and track everyone in the family. The scale is well designed and can easily track all of his health data so Dad can use it to up his fitness.



Sleep is essential for any athlete. Why not swap out the jarring sound of his alarm in the morning and replace it with this smart clock? This is designed to imitate the breaking of dawn and gently wake him up. Not only can this clock help reset sleep cycles and wake him up more naturally, but it can also improve the overall quality of sleep and his mood.